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In the excitement of creating a new Web site it is very easy to overlook the important subject of search engine optimization, but thanks to the functionality that is built into XSitePro you now have no excuse to publish pages that are lacking keyword focus or have meta data missing.


This section covers:


Why search engine optimization is important.


Beyond SEO - making your content readable and accessible


Simple steps that you can take to optimize your pages and your Web site as a whole.


How XSitePro can help you to maximize the chances of success with both major and minor search engines.


A detailed look at the different sections of information, contained within the Page Analysis tab.



After reading through this section you will have a good idea of what you need to do to create 'naturally optimized' pages that will rank well with search engines and that will also be readable and accessible to visitors. You will also find out exactly where to turn for simple, concise advice, on a page-by-page basis to help you improve your site.

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