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Oxado is essentially an alternative (or in some cases complimentary) option to the PPC service operated by Google (Adsense).


Like Google's Adsense service, Oxado essentially serves adverts to your pages (when you insert their code into your Web page).


These adverts, again like Google's, are contextually matched to the content on your Web page. This is all done automatically, and powerful systems at Oxado's end ensure the best possible match of advertising to page-content (and so, theoretically, a good click-through rate).


Oxado claims to offer better click-through rates and higher commission payouts than its competitors although you should of course verify this at the time of joining their program if this is particularly important to you.



The sections that follow explain the following areas:



1. Setting up an Oxado account


2. Generating Oxado Advertising Code


3. Adding a new Oxado Advert in to XSitePro


4. Inserting Oxado Adverts into your page

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