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Making notes is always a useful thing to do. With XSitePro, you can make notes separate to your website, so that your website building is unaffected, but your thoughts are written down safely for you to refer to any time you like.


To start making notes, click the 'Tools' menu and select 'View Notes', as shown below.




Alternatively, you can launch the notes by simply typing the keyboard shortcut 'Alt+F10'.


The 'Web Site Notes' window for your currently open website will load, and look something like this.




Enter any details you wish into the text window. Remember to click OK whenever you're done writing notes, to save anything you're written.


The great thing about the notes window is, it can be left on in the background throughout your website development. You can continue working on your website, and any time you want to make notes, simply open the window and jot away!


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