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The Multi-Page Creation Wizard, or MPC Wizard for short, provides a quick and easy way of creating the infrastructure of a new site or adding whole new branches to the infrastructure of an existing site.


Here's an example of just one way how you might use the Multi-Page Creation Wizard.


Imagine you were creating a site about Jet Skis. You have decided to add a large quantity of pages covering each of the main types of Jet Ski on offer. Here's the list of pages you want to add.


500hp Budget Single-Seater Ski

1000hp Budget Single-Seater Ski

1000hp Budget Two-Seater Ski

500hp Standard Single-Seater Ski

1000hp Standard Single-Seater Ski

1000hp Standard Two-Seater Ski

500hp Deluxe Single-Seater Ski

1000hp Deluxe Single-Seater Ski

1000hp Deluxe Two-Seater Ski



For each of these you want to add appropriate keywords and a standard brief description. You also want to add some basic content into each of the pages created and then you will edit that content on a page-by-page basis.



Here's what you'd do.



First of all create a page that will become the parent page of all the newly created pages by clicking on the button_application_add_new_page button on the Web pages tab and give it an appropriate name such as ‘Jet Skis’.




Right-click on the newly created ‘Jet Skis’ page and select Multi Page Creation Wizard from the menu that appears.





The Multi Page Creation Wizard box will appear and you will be viewing the tab entitled: ‘Step 1 – Pages’. This tab, and those that follow, are detailed in the sections that now follow:

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