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Now we’re getting into slightly more complex territory, but don’t worry as it’s not rocket science.


A multi-page categorized site is two layers deep. The first layer lists the categories and the second layer lists the links in that category. Told you it wasn’t rocket science.


So, if your site was specializing in holidays to South America you might have a page that listed all of the countries in South America. If someone clicked on one of those links, Brazil for example, they’d be taken to a new links page that just listed the links that were relating to Brazil.


The benefit of this kind of links page structure is that you start to build your page count substantially.



How the page structure works:


If you’ve set up just three categories, for example, you’d have a main links page that listed each of those three categories and then you’d have three additional pages, one for each of the categories themselves - four in total.


The illustration below explains this concept graphically.




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