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Page breaks can be moved to more suitable places by following the instructions below. This can be useful if you notice that the break has come at a bad place or you may wish to position the page break at a location that provided a cliff-hanger ending to one page that would entice the reader to eagerly click on the next link to go to the next page.



Click once on the page break you wish to move.




A frame will appear around the page break text.




Move your mouse so it is above the edge of the frame and it will turn into a move symbol.






Click and hold your left mouse button and drag the Page Break box to the new location.




When you have positioned the page break in the correct location release the left mouse button.



An alternative way of moving page breaks


Instead of using the drag and drop method of moving page breaks you can just delete the existing page break by positioning the cursor just after it and pressing the backspace key and the inserting a new manual page break by following the instructions above.

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