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This method of creating the links section to your site is like the Multi-Page Categorized method, described in the previous section.


Using this method of breaking up a links page you can create a site of well over 100 pages just by adding 100 links pages to it. Sounds too good to be true – read on and you’ll see just how easy it is to do.


Type 4 is exactly the same as Type 3, but when you get to the second layer and click on any of the links instead of going to the site you’re linking to you go to a page that provides more information about that site.


That means if you had 10 categories of links and you added 10 links to each of those categories you’d end up with a links section to your site that was 111 pages big.


You’d have one page at the top level that listed the 10 different categories (e.g. Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Columbia, Guatemala).

That’s one page.


On the second level you’d have ten pages. Each one would be devoted to a different category. So there’d be a links page for Mexico, another for Brazil, etc.



So now we have eleven pages (one plus ten).


Each of the category pages (Mexico, Brazil, etc) would have links to ten different Web sites on them, but instead of those links taking you directly to that Web site they’d take visitors to the details page for that Web site where they could find out more information, read the long description, view the screenshot, etc.


So that’s ten categories with ten pages below each one. That’s one hundred pages in total.


So that brings the total page count to one hundred and eleven (one plus ten plus one hundred).



And here’s the great thing. None of this is underhand at all. Indeed it’s exactly the opposite. Instead of feeding your visitors out to just any old Web site you’re giving them a review of each Web site so they can decide whether it is worth visiting or not. How’s that for added value!

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