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The Taskbar scheduler is loaded from the same program folder (in your start-menu) as the XSitePro application itself.


If you’re running Vista, your screen will look a little more like the one below:





Note: If you're running XP the menu will look a little different.



Clicking the link shown above will load the Taskbar scheduler window shown below:





The Scheduler screen is very straightforward, listing your currently scheduled publishing tasks in the central list (this will of course be blank, the first time you load this module). The list contains the following information:


Site name – This is the Web site to which this schedule relates. Reading across this row of information you will be able to see when the scheduler last published the site in question.



Frequency – This value indicates how often the site in question will be published.



Next Publish Date – Based on your publishing schedule settings, this value is the date the scheduler is next due to publish the site in question.



Last Published – This date is when the site (to which this schedule entry applies) was last published.



Files Uploaded – This value shows how many files were actually uploaded when the scheduled publishing task last ran.



Edit/Delete Links – Clicking the Edit/Delete links for a particular scheduler list entry will open the scheduling properties for the list entry, or delete that list entry, as appropriate.



There are also a couple of buttons on this screen that we need to review:


Scheduler Preferences Button – Clicking this button will load the taskbar scheduler preference screen, described in detail, later in this topic.



Create New Schedule Button – Clicking the button_create_new_schedule button, below the task list, will load the New schedule screen, into which we can enter settings for our new publishing task. This screen is explained in the section that follows.



From the main taskbar scheduler screen, once you are finished making changes to, adding and/or deleting your scheduler tasks, you may close the Taskbar Scheduler window at any time by clicking the button_application_ok button at the bottom-right of the window. This will not only save your changes, it will minimize the scheduler into the sys tray, on your windows taskbar (more on which in Sys tray Icon Properties section).

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