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domain step5


Your billing options include a set of domain options and a set of hosting options.



Domain Options


Here you can register the domain for a set number of years and for varying costs. Select one of the following options from the drop-down selector:


1 Year

2 Years

5 Years

10 Years


The cost per year will depend on the domain name you selected back in Step 2.


If you would like to set up ID Protect, check the box provided. Click the 'See why we recommend ID Protect...' to be redirected to for further information.


To automatically renew the domain before your registration period expires, check the box provided.



Hosting Options


Choose one of the four hosting options. The cost per period (monthly/quarterly/biannually/annually) will vary depending on the hosting plan you selected back in Step 3.



Once you have made your selections, click next to proceed to the final step, entering your card details. Your domain and hosting registration is almost complete.

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