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The Link Manager Module in XSitePro Version 2 has taken creating link pages to the next level. If you master this tool you will have a quick and easy way of adding almost an unlimited amount of content rich, and keyword focused, content whenever the fancy takes you.


With a little time and effort you can create a section of your site that not only provides a valuable resource for your visitors (potentially making you into an authority site), but also provides the search engines with a large number of keyword rich, high quality pages.



In this section we'll look at the following:


What is a link?

What's the difference between an inbound link and an outbound link?

Why is linking important?

What do search engines look for as far as linking is concerned?

Another reason why links are useful to you

How do you get people to link to you

What does a link page look like?

The Different types of Links Pages possible in XSitePro

How to set up a links page in XSitePro

Previewing your links page

Re-ordering your links list

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