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Welcome to Book 2: Tools


This essential reference work is intended as your definitive guide to the many powerful features of XSitePro, over and above the 'basic' feature-set explained in 'Book 1: The Essentials'.


Using this reference guide you will be able to quickly understand the various features with which you will be able to take your site to a whole new level in terms of design, features and functionality.


To make yours a truly professional Web site, easily.


This manual is not intended as a cover-to-cover read (although you may find that, with your excitement, it turns into just that!) it is designed to be an ongoing point of reference that you can come back to over and over as you need to.


As you come across new features in the application, or as your needs grow (in terms of what you are trying to achieve with your site) you can easily flick through the relevant section of this reference work and quickly obtain the necessary knowledge and understanding to use the appropriate tool in XSitePro.


Combine the detailed information within this manual with the comprehensive technical support offered by XSitePro staff, the community-led forum, and the other resources included with XSitePro such as the 'Essentials' manual, Tutorial and more, and you have a truly comprehensive learning library right at your fingertips - Everything you could need to become an XSitePro Professional.


So enjoy the manual - Hopefully you will find exactly what you're looking for and a whole lot more besides...


To your success,




Paul Smithson

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