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Once you have created one or more Oxado adverts in XSitePro, adding them into your Web pages is a very simple process indeed.




To insert an Oxado advert, simply position your cursor in the Designer window, at the point that you would like the advert to appear, then right-click with your mouse to call up the right-click menu.




From the right-click menu, select 'Insert Advertising and then 'Oxado Ad' as shown in the screen shot below:






Having selected the Oxado menu option, from the right-click menu, the following screen will appear:






From the list of adverts available for insertion, select the advert you wish to use simply by checking the check-box to the left side of the advert title, in the list, as shown below:






Once you have made your selection, click the 'OK' button to insert the advert at the cursor-position.


This will insert a placeholder frame (set to the dimensions of your Oxado advert) in your page. This placeholder frame will be replaced by the actual advert banner when your page is published. The reason that a placeholder frame is used within XSitePro is that the frame has special properties that allow us to edit the advert at a later date - these are explained below.



Editing your Oxado adverts.


To edit the settings for an Oxado advert that you have inserted in your page, simply right-click with your mouse on the placeholder frame in the designer window.


Doing so will cause a menu to appear with the option: 'Oxado Properties'. Click the 'Oxado Properties' menu option to load the settings for this particular Oxado advert.





From the window that appears, for example, you could select a different Oxado advert if you feel a different sized/colored advert would work better.


Again, clicking the 'ok' button commits your changes and updates the Oxado advert placed in your page.

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