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The Insert Links menu option gives you the ability to link to any of the following:


Any of the pages in the current Web site


Any page in any of the Web sites stored within the same project


Any Web page in any site in any other project


Any file that you have previously used in this Web site (e.g. an mp3 file)


Any file that you have stored on your computer


Any affiliate that you have entered into the Affiliate Wizard


Any page stored anywhere on the Internet


Any file stored anywhere on the Internet






Using the right-click functionality you can link to any page in XSitePro, any file on your computer and almost any page or file on the Internet with just a few mouse-clicks.



Selecting your link text/image


Creating a link on your Web page (no matter what page or file you are linking to) requires that you first select the text that you would like to serve as the link, in your page:



Open the page that you want to create the link on by selecting it from the page list on the Web pages tab.




Highlight the text that is going to become the link text by dragging your mouse across it – alternatively, if linking to an image in your page, click once on the image to select it.






Right click and select 'Insert Link' from the menu that appears. When you select the ‘Insert Link’ menu option the link sub-menu will be displayed.




Choose from the link options, below, to create your link.



Linking to Web pages on the current site


At the top of this sub-menu, circled in red on the above screenshot, are the pages in the current Web site. You will notice that next to ‘parent pages’ (i.e. those pages with sub-pages in your Web pages list) is a piece_designer_right_click_arrow symbol. This means that there are sub-pages which can be selected. To select a sub-page, click on the parent page in the list and its sub-pages will be displayed.



Other Link Options


Another Page in XSitePro - This will let you link to any page in any project that you have in XSitePro. This saves you an enormous amount of time trying to remember the names of Web pages or the url's for Web pages. Clicking this option loads the screen below:





In the list of Web sites shown in the ‘Select Page’ window, above, you can expand your Web sites’ page-lists until you find the page to which you would like the selected text/image to link. Make a selection from the list, and then click the button_application_ok button to apply the link properties to your text/image.



Affiliates - You can create a link to any of the affiliates you have previously entered in the Affiliate Wizard that is built-in to XSitePro by simply selecting it from the sub-menus that appear when you click on Insert Link and then Affiliates.





Note: This option will only be available for selection from the right-click menu if you have previously created at least one affiliate link, using the Affiliates Wizard tool.



Other Files - The Other Files sub-menu lets you link to any of the files that are entered under the File Management button on the Other Tab. This is an ideal way to link to images or other files, such as mp3 files, that have previously been added by clicking on the Add button on the Files tab. For more information on how to add files to the Resources list see the Resource Manager section of this manual.



Other – Select this menu option to link to any other file anywhere on the Internet. When you select this option you will see a window like the one below.





Not all of the properties are required in this screen, to create our link, and some of the advanced settings for this window are described in the advanced object properties section of this manual, so we will focus only on the essential settings below:


Type - Enter the type of link, e.g. http (if it is another Web page), ftp, mailto.



URL - This is the url of the Web page you are linking to, e.g.



Target - Select from the drop down how you would like the link displayed. If you leave this blank the new page will load into the existing browser window. If you want the link to open in a new window select _new.



Title - The text you type in this field will appear as a tool-tip when people hover their mouse over the link. It will also be read out to anyone using a screen reader so it can be worth typing something explanatory such as “Click here to view our Newsletter”.



Click the button_link_properties_ok button to apply the link settings to your selected text/image.

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