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The quickest and easiest way to insert an image into your Web page using XSitePro is to right-click with your mouse and choose the ‘Insert Image’ option.


This will give you instant access to all of the images that have already been used in this Web site, via the Image Library tool. If the image you want to use has already been used on a previous page just select it from the Image Library window that appears.





If the image you want doesn't appear in the Image Library, click the ‘Select From Hard Drive’ and find the image on your computer.


After selecting an image you will be prompted to enter some ALT text which will be displayed whenever someone visits the page that has images switched off or for visually impaired users who are using a screen reader. Many search engines also pay attention to ALT tags so it is worth using some of your major keywords if you can.


For a more detailed look at the Image Library tool, visit the Image Library section of this manual.



Resources Manager - whenever you add a new image to your site it will automatically be added to the resources list for your Web site (you can review your site resources using the Resources Manager button, on the Other tab). If you know you are going to want access to several image files and would like to add them to the image list that appears when you right-click you can do this by going to the Resources Manager and adding them all at once. For more details on how to do this, see the Resources Manager section of this manual.

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