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Once you have created an affiliate you can quickly add a link to that affiliate into any Web page you are working on.


To add an affiliate link into a Web page you need to have that Web page loaded into Designer.




Highlight the text you would like to become the link text by clicking on it with your mouse and dragging across it.



Point your cursor at the highlighted text, right-click on it with your mouse and select ‘Insert Link’ from the menu that pops up.



Select ‘Affiliates’ from the submenu choices.



Select the affiliate link you want to insert from the list that will appear. The illustration shows the affiliate link menu.





The text you highlighted will now have changed into a text link. To test to see whether the link works click on the button_application_preview button in the bottom left of the screen, wait for the page to open, and then click on the link. If you entered the correct url into the Affiliate Wizard the link should take you directly to the appropriate affiliate page.

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