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In the above example you added the weather feed onto your page, but if you wished to add it to other pages or to any other Web sites you create you would have to go through the process again. If you think it is likely that you will want to use a snippet more than once it is worth adding it to your library.


To add a new snippet to your library just follow the above procedure, but this time put a check in the Add to Library box and enter a name into the Name box and a brief description in the Description box.





Inserting a Snippet from your Snippet Library into a Web page


If you want to insert a previously entered Snippet into a Web page you are creating follow these steps.



Position the cursor where you want the snippet to appear on your page.




Right click with your mouse and select 'Snippets' and then 'Snippet Library'. The Snippets library window will appear on your screen.






Select the Snippet you want to use from the list and then click on the Insert button.


The contents of that Snippet will now be inserted into your page at the point where you had the cursor positioned.



Managing Snippets (Adding, Editing and Deleting)


To manage your snippets select Snippets Library from the Tools menu.


In the Snippets Library window you will be able to add new snippets, edit existing snippets and delete any snippets you no longer need.


Note: Deleting snippets will not have any effect on the snippets you have previously inserted into pages as once you have inserted a snippet there is no link between the snippet library and the code on the page. The snippet code is inserted into the page as it is at that moment in time so if you later change the code in the snippet library for that particular snippet it will not automatically update the code on the page.




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