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Having created your XML feed(s) you may now quickly and easily insert them into your page using the XML Feeds tool.


To load the XML Feed insertion tool you need to access it from the right-click menu. The below steps describe the process.


1. Position your cursor in the designer window where you would like the XML Feed link to appear.


2. Right-click at that cursor position and, from the right-click menu that appears, select the 'Insert XML Syndication Link' option off the menu, as shown below:





On loading the XML syndication module the screen will resemble the one shown below:





The screen contains three settings that you need to adjust before inserting a link:



Feed Selection:


Select Feed - From the drop-down list you need to select the feed that you would like to feature on this page. Click the drop-down arrow a list of all the feeds you have created will appear. Select the preferred feed from this list. If there are no feeds listed then you need to create one.



Link Settings:


Select Icon - Click the drop-down arrow next to this box and you will see a list of different RSS/Syndication icons that you can select from, for use in your feed insertion. The images available include:





Text Link - If you enter some text into this text-box it will appear alongside the syndication icon selected above. This can be useful for ensuring that visitors understand what the link does (not everyone is familiar with RSS feeds, after all). If you would rather not include any text then simply leave this box blank.



Having entered the details above, click the 'Insert' button to add your feed link to the page at the cursor-position.


As with several other modules, your link will appear in the page as a 'placeholder frame'. This frame has special properties (described below) that will enable you to edit your link settings at a later date.



Editing Feeds Already Inserted


If you want to adjust the settings for a feed link already inserted in the page, simply right-click on the placeholder frame in the designer window and, from the menu that appears, select 'XML Link Properties'. This will load the link selector window in which you can change the feed, select a new icon or edit the link text as required.



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