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The Keyword Affiliate Replacer is a tool that will search the entire website for a given word or phrase and make a link out of each occurrence to the affiliate product of your choice. This is a fantastic tool for niche marketers with many imported article pages who want to link to their affiliated product with minimum effort.


The entire process is quick and easy, and is explained below.


1. You can access the Keyword Replacer using the Tools menu, as shown below.





You should now see the 'Keyword Affiliate Replacer' window, as shown below.





2. Click add and you will be directed to the window shown below.




3. Enter the keyword or key phrase you would like to replace in the Keyword text box.


4. Add the URL that you would like to replace your selected keyword in the Link text box.


You also have the option of setting links to NoFollow using the checkbox provided.


5. Click add to save your replacement. Replacements that you make will be added to a list in the 'Keyword Affiliate Replacer' main window. Selecting an existing item will allow you to 'Edit' or 'Delete' it using the appropriate buttons located at the top of the main window.

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