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Importing Web pages is an incredibly fast and powerful way of bringing content into your Web sites from a variety of sources. To our knowledge it is a feature that is unique to XSitePro. You won't even find it in any of the more expensive web design packages such as Dreamweaver or Expression Web.


The import feature lets you add pages to an existing Web site while retaining the existing layout and design of the Web site.


For example, it will allow you to import 200 articles straight into your Web site without upsetting the headers, footers, left and right panels and navigation menus that you have already set up.


This is an incredibly powerful tool as it means you can use XSitePro to create the overall look of the site and then import the content from whatever sources you have at your disposal such as Article Automator, Content Desk or other, similar applications.



What the Import Feature Is Not!


The import feature is not meant to import entire sites created with another package (e.g. FrontPage or DreamWeaver). The reason for this is that it's impossible to know how the other Web site is set up. For example, does it have a left hand navigation bar or a right hand navigation bar or none at all? Does it have header and footers? Which pages appear on the navigation bar (if there is one), etc. XSitePro works intelligently to manage links, particularly navigation links, and this would be impossible if the software was to import a whole site without knowing how it was made up.



What the Import Feature Is:


The import feature is a quick and easy way to add content pages created in other applications while retaining the layout of the existing site. This is a very powerful feature that can add hundreds of pages to a site in just a few seconds and as such it is not recommended for beginners. If you are familiar with the basics of XSitePro you should be fine, but if you are not familiar with how XSitePro works then we recommend you go through the tutorial first before attempting to import Web pages into your XSitePro Web sites.





Imagine you had several golf articles saved as an HTML files on your hard drive and you wanted to add them into your golf site. You could bring each one in manually by cutting and pasting or you could use the import feature to bring all of them in at one go - all in the correct place (i.e. in the main panel), all correctly named, all with appropriate keywords and descriptions, and all with correct entries in your site map.


Below is an example of what these pages might look like before and after.





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