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Importing and exporting can be useful for such times as when you want to send a Web site you are working on to a friend or colleague or when you want to make an archive copy of a complete Web site to CD or floppy disk.


The great thing about importing and exporting Web sites with XSitePro is that everything is contained in a single file including all of the Web page text, any images and all of your settings and other data relating to that Web site.


This single file export solution means you do not have to worry about managing lots of files and folders manually as every component that makes up the Web site is stored in that one file. This makes it easy to just attach the file to an e-mail and send it to a colleague, for example, or burn it to CD and store it safely just in case there's ever a major problem with your computer system.


XSitePro allows you to import XSE files that were created on your own computer or another persons. Likewise, any .XSE files that you create can be imported into your own system or can be sent to someone else and imported successfully into their XSitePro software.

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