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At first the number of settings that are customizable for both the static and the dynamic menus will seem overwhelming and off-putting. Don’t worry about this as it is all very straightforward and a little trial and error will always help you to get your menus looking exactly how you want them.



Here’s the dilemma …


If we were to simplify it by having far fewer customizable options then it would be difficult, and often impossible, to get the menus to look exactly how you want them to look. By adding so many customizable options, it gives you the power to change whatever you want to change.


Trust me, after playing around with the settings for a short while you’ll very quickly figure out which settings do what. And if you end up making a complete mess of the menu just click the cancel button and any changes you made will be wiped out.


Indeed, I would encourage you to experiment with the menus. Rather than just settling for the defaults make some changes and see how it looks. The more changes you make the more unique that menu will become to you, which is another reason why we’ve built in so much flexibility.

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