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The Images table tells you how many images you have used in the page being analyzed, the name of the image files and the ALT text relating to each of the image files.





This list will include not only the images in the main panel or body copy section of the page, but also the images that appear in the left and right columns and the header and footer.





Image Alt tags are important since not only do they convey the nature of the image content on your page to search engines, they also serve as a label for visually-impaired users viewing you page using a screen-reader.





In the first column of the table is the filename of the image. It is worth trying to incorporate some of your major keywords into the image names. Glancing down the Image Table will let you see instantly whether you have done this or not.


For example, if your site specializes in lawn care products and you have a logo that you include in the header of all the pages rather than just call that file logo.jpg why not call it logo-for-lawn-care.jpg or lawn-care-logo.jpg. It's a simple change and yet it can give you yet another edge in some of the search engines.


Take a look at each of the images you use and try to make them more search-engine friendly.


If you want to check what the image is (i.e. the filename is not indicative of what the image is of) then you can click the image filename in the list to load the image in a new window for your review.



Note: You cannot rename the images directly in the Images Table, instead follow these simple instructions.



Changing the name of an image



Click on the Other tab.



Click the Resources Manager button.



Find the image you wish to rename in the list of files that is displayed.



Right-click with your mouse on the image you wish to rename and select Rename from the options that pop-up.



Type in the new name for the image.



Press Enter.



The change you make will automatically update all pages in the site that use that image.

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