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The first time you enter the Publishing Details section for a new website you will be asked if you wish to purchase a Domain Name and web host. If the do not have a Domain name and web host for your website, this is an easy way to obtain a home on the Internet for your website.


Note: Please be aware that the Domain Name and Web hosting comes as an additional cost that is not covered by the purchase price of XSitePro.  If you have a Domain name and hosting organized for your website, or you are not placing your website on the Internet, you can bypass this option.


Register a domain name and set up hosting right from within XSitePro in just a few simple steps. All you need is a credit card.


Once you have registered a domain name and purchased web hosting, you can enter the domain and FTP details so that you can publish or republish your website any time you wish. XSitePro saves your information for you, along with your Web site files, to make it easy to publish your site again and again.


First of all, to access the 'Setup Domain/Hosting' menu, click on the 'Publishing Details' tab, located at the top of the screen, when editing any website.



publishing details2


Next, click on the setup domain hosting button, on the right hand side of the window.


In the sections that follow we'll look at the 6-step process of registering a domain name and setting up hosting:


Step 1: Desired Domain


Step 2: Choose Domain Name


Step 3: Choose Hosting


Step 4: Account Information


Step 5: Billing Options


Step 6: Card Details

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