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Here is an overview of the process that XSitePro goes through every time you publish your site to the Internet.



The software takes all of the information you have entered and creates correctly formatted HTML pages that are suitable for publishing to the Internet.




It adds various information to each page that will make the page display correctly in people's web browsers and also help the pages to be search engine-friendly. For example the page descriptions and keywords you have entered on the Web Info tab will be added to the header section of the published Web page (the bit that’s not visible to your visitors, but can be seen by the search engine spiders). These will be added to the header section of each page automatically. Normally, you’d have to do all of this yourself, but with XSitePro you don’t have to worry – it’s all done for you.




XSitePro looks at the details you have entered into the Publishing Details tab and uses this information to log on to your web space on the Internet.




The software looks for a special file that tells it when you last published your site and what pages were uploaded at the time. It then reads this file and compares it to the pages you want to publish this time. If it finds that some of the pages have not changed at all since the previous time you published it will make a note of this and not publish those files again as this wouldn't be necessary.




XSitePro then goes through every page, image and any other relevant file and copies it from your computer directly to your web space, skipping those that have not changed since you last published the site.




A note is made of what you have just published and this is saved in a special file on your web server so that XSitePro can refer to it next time you want to publish.




Once this process is complete a message will be displayed on your screen. If there were any errors, which is unlikely, these will also be displayed.



That's it!


Even for quite large sites publishing usually only takes a few minutes and is a very easy and automatic procedure. All you need to do is follow the instructions below and you will be publishing to the Internet before you know it.

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