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Adding Google AdSense to your pages is really easy and the great thing is that you do not have to enter a single line of code at any time during the process. The first thing you need to do is enter your special Google AdSense Account details into XSitePro.


This process is described below.



Getting An AdSense Account


Follow the steps below to open a new Google AdSense account. If you already have an AdSense account you can skip this section.


1. Go to



2. Click on the button which says "Click Here to Apply"



3. Follow the sign-up procedure.



In a few days you will receive an e-mail telling you that you have been approved for an AdSense account and that you can now log in. When you receive your acceptance e-mail from Google you can carry on with the instructions below.



Setting up XSitePro with your AdSense Account details


1. Select Google AdSense ... from the Tools menu.



2. The AdSense Accounts window will open on your screen.



3. Click on button_adsense_add button to add a new AdSense account.





4. Enter an appropriate name in Account Name field such as John's AdSense account.



You will then need to enter your AdSense Client ID. To do this you will need to open a browser window and look it up in the Google AdSense Admin Area. The instructions for how to do this appear below.



5. Open a browser window and go to



6. Select the Ad Settings tab on the Google AdSense site.



7. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the Ad Settings page and you should see a large text box titled Your AdSense Code.



8. In this text box you will see some HTML code. Look for the line which says something along the lines of google_ad_client = "pub-1234567890123456";


Note: The number will be different as it will be your own unique client ID.



9. Copy the "pub-1234567890123456" (including pub- but not the quotes) from the Google Ad Settings page into the AdSense Client ID field in XSitePro.



10. Enter the e-mail address you used for your AdSense account and your password into the boxes on the AdSense Account Setup window in XSitePro. After entering all of the details your AdSense Account Setup window should look something like the one below. Obviously, the username, password and pub number will be different.





11. Click on the button_application_ok button to confirm the details and enter them into the XSitePro system.



After completing the above steps you will now be able to add Google AdSense ads into any pages on your Web site or any pages in any projects you create as the AdSense details will be available to all projects you enter into XSitePro, which means that once you have completed the above you will never have to do it again unless you open a new AdSense account.

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