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Inserting video content using XSitePro is a straightforward process.


To access the video wizard, first right-click in the designer window at the point that you would like to insert the video.


The right-click menu will appear, from which you can select the 'Insert Audio/Video' option and then, from the sub-menu that appears, the 'Video Player' option - as shown below:





When you click the menu option described above the video wizard will appear. This screen is split into four tabbed steps, and each of these steps will be covered off in the following sections.


The sections are:


Step 1: File - Selection of the video file you wish to use


Step 2: Size - Specification of the size of the video file that the video wizard will output, on conversion.


Step 3: Format -


Step 4: Playback - Your choice of whether the video auto-plays or waits for the user to start the playback.


Step 5: Preview - A chance to review the encoded video before embedding it into your Web page.

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