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Once you've entered your Google AdSense details into XSitePro you can add Google AdSense advertisements to your hearts content. You do not need to remember any HTML code, complicated configurations, or even your username and password as XSitePro will do all of that for you. It's simply a matter positioning the cursor where you want the advertisement to be, selecting the ad you want and making any adjustments to the color scheme.



How to insert Google AdSense Ads into your Web pages




Open the Web page where you want the Google AdSense ad to appear by selecting it from the pages list on the Web page tab.




Click on the Design tab to open Designer.




Position the cursor where you want the ad to appear.




Right-click with your mouse and select Insert Google AdSense. This will open the AdSense Settings window on your screen.






Select the format you would like from the AdSense Format drop down. There are many formats to choose from ranging from very small button ads that are just 125 pixels by 125 pixels wide right up to wide skyscraper ads that are 600 pixels high and 160 pixels wide. You can see an example of the size of ad you currently have selected in the preview window at the bottom of the window.






If you are happy to have image ads displayed on your site put a check in the Allow Image Ads checkbox. This is a part of the service that Google provides their advertisers and, like with normal text ads, you receive a share of any revenues if someone clicks on the image.




By default the text ads displayed will use the standard Google AdSense color scheme, but you can customize almost every aspect of the ad using the color configuration boxes on the AdSense Settings window. For example, to change the title color just click on the Title Color drop down and choose the color you would like. You can see a preview of the colors you are using on the sample ad on the right of the AdSense Settings window.




Once you are happy with the settings for the ad click the button_application_ok button.




A Google AdSense marker will appear on the page clearly showing where the ad will be positioned and how large it will be. Text adverts will not start to appear on the page until you publish the page to the Internet.





Note: The Advanced button will let you enter some code that will appear immediately after the Google AdSense code on each of your pages. This is intended for use with Google monitoring software such as AdSense Tracker.

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