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Files exported from XSitePro are stored in a .XSE file format. The .XSE file will include everything necessary to recreate the site within XSitePro including the image, any text you have entered and any data such as external links or affiliate code you may have entered.



To import an .XSE file into XSitePro follow the steps below.



Go to the Project Selection Tree screen in XSitePro and select the project into which you want to import the .XSE file by clicking on it once with your mouse.





Click on the Import button.




The Import From window will appear. Browse to the folder where the .XSE file is stored and select it by clicking on it once with your mouse.




Click the Open button to start the import process, and then, from the confirmation screen that appears, click the 'Import' button.




When the import process has been completed a message will be displayed on your screen.



Once you have imported an .XSE file into XSitePro a new Web site will automatically be created with the Web site title stored in the .XSE file and you can edit it in the usual way.


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