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Backing up your important site data is very straightforward using XSitePro. You can perform a full backup of all your sites’ data, together, by following the simple steps below:




Click on Tools on the menu bar.




Select Backup / Restore.






To perform a full backup click the button_backups-Do_full_backup button.




Once the data has been successfully backed up you will see your new backup file appear in the list of backups.


The backup filename will include the date and time that the backup occurred, e.g. XsiteProBackUp_2008-Oct-26_1243. This will help you keep track of when you last actually ran the full backup.




Click button_backups-Close to continue using XSitePro.



Note: This backup routine will backup all of your XSitePro sites’ data. If you wish to take a quick backup of an individual site’s settings you may wish to use the ‘Export’ feature of XSitePro. To read more about using this feature, read the Importing/Exporting sites section in the manual.

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