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Throughout XSitePro there are a number of shortcuts that you can use to perform common tasks, some of which you will probably already be familiar (since they are the same as those used in most applications) and some of which will be new to you.


The short list below explains what keys you can use, and where you can use them (within the application).



Within any text box, throughout the application:


Ctrl-A - Selects all the text in the current text-box


Ctrl-Z - Undo the last action performed


Ctrl-C - Copy selected text


Ctrl-X - Cut selected text


Ctrl-V - Paste from clipboard



Within the Source tab you can use the same keys as above, plus:


Ctrl-F - Find


Ctrl-H - Replace



Within the Designer windows (throughout the application) you can use all of the keys above, plus:


Ctrl-B - Make selected text bold


Ctrl-U - Make selected text underlined


Ctrl-I - Make selected text italic



Across the whole application (so at any screen) you can use the following shortcuts:


Ctrl-F4 - Close Web site


Ctrl-S - Save Web site


Alt-F4 - Exit whole application


Alt-F10 - Open Web site 'notes' window


F1 - Launch help window



Tab Navigation (available Web site-wide):


Ctrl-Shift-F1 - Go To Web site Information Tab


Ctrl-Shift-F2 - Go To Page Layout Tab


Ctrl-Shift-F3 - Go To Web pages Tab


Ctrl-Shift-F4 - Go To Other Tab


Ctrl-Shift-F5 - Go To Publishing Details Tab


Ctrl-Shift-F9 - Go To Page Settings Tab


Ctrl-Shift-F10 - Go To Design Tab


Ctrl-Shift-F11 - Go To Source Tab


Ctrl-Shift-F12 - Go To Page Analysis Tab



With a bit of practice these shortcut commands become second nature, and can save you a good deal of time when using the application regularly.

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