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The Home Page Settings Tab is the third tab on the Web site Settings window. It can be accessed by clicking on the Web site Settings button on the Other tab, or by the Settings menu.





This tab lets you choose the default name for your home page and the format for the home page links on any navigation menus.


Home Page File Name – Most webmasters tend to use index.html as the file name for their home page. This is the default setting for all sites created using XSitePro. However, if for any reason you want to use a different name for your home page you can do so by entering in the Filename field on the Home Page Settings tab.


One reason for doing this is if you are using XSitePro to publish a sub-site of a parent site that is already using the file name index.html for the name of the home page on the parent site.



Home Page Link URLS – If you include a link to your home page on your navigation menus there are two different urls that can be used to return the visitor to the home page.





Your home page is special in that it is the default page that will be loaded automatically if a person doesn’t enter an actual Web page after the domain name. This is the standard practice with all Web sites and is not specific to XSitePro.


Some webmasters prefer, often for search engine optimization reasons, to omit the filename of index.html when linking back to the home page. XSitePro provides you with this option and will adjust all of the links to the home page on the navigation menus accordingly.


Your two choices in this regard are:


Select http://www.domain.com if you want to omit the filename on any links back to your home page from navigation menus on your site.


Select http://www.domain.com/index.html if you want all links to include the domain and the filename (e.g. index.html) when linking back to the home page from any of your navigation menus.

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