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The Advanced Headings tool is similar to the Basic tool, but offers more control over the exact styles and formatting of your heading text.


On loading the advanced heading tool, the screen will resemble the one shown below:





The settings that you can modify on this screen are as follows:


Headline Text - This is the actual text that you would like to use as your heading. Simply type your text into the text-box provided. As you type, a preview of your heading will appear at the bottom of the window, showing exactly how your current text/style selections will appear on your Web page.





Font - Using the font drop-down selector, choose the preferred font in which your heading text should be displayed.





Font Color - This color control sets the color of your heading text. Either type the name of your desired color straight into the color text-box or click the button_advanced_heading_color_browse button, to the right of the color text-box to launch the color picker tool.



Align - To align your heading text, in the page, use the button_advanced_heading_alignment drop-down selector (shown here with left alignment selected) to choose from the following alignment options:






Clicking your preferred alignment option will apply that to your heading.



Font Style - If you want to make your details text bold, italic and/or underlined, click the appropriate button. The below image shows the three text style buttons, with the Bold button selected.





Size - The sizes in the font size control are actually heading sizes (not the standard font point-sizes. The following actual heading text sizes indicate how large the heading text will be using the options in the list:





When you are happy with your settings, click the button_advanced_heading_ok button to insert your heading at the cursor-position, in the Web page design window.



Tip: Try to ensure when entering the heading text that you include at least one of your main page keywords.



Note: If you wish to change the way your headline is split between lines you can do so by positioning the cursor where you would like to have a link-break and then press SHIFT-ENTER.



The following two screen shots illustrate a headline without line-breaks and another with a line breaks after the words "idea" and "heading". The second was achieved by positioning the cursor between the words, where we wanted to create our line-break, then by deleting the space and pressing SHIFT-ENTER.





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