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The Headers table displays how many headings you have used on your site (e.g. headlines and sub-heads), what type of heading they were (Heading 1, Heading 2, etc), and what the text of those headings is.





This is all very useful information as headlines and subheads are something that many search engines look at when they are analyzing your site for inclusion in their search listings. Your site is likely to rank better if you use some of your keywords in your headings and sub-headings than if you do not.


For example, if your site specializes in Jazz recordings of the 1950s a search engine is likely to look far more favorably on the site if at some point you include a heading such as one of the following:


Classic Jazz recordings of the 1950s

1950s Jazz Hits

100 Favorite Jazz Records of the 50s


rather than


1000s of recordings from classic artists of the era

100 All-Time Favorites

Your 100 best songs of the period


A lot of this is common sense, but it is amazing how often people forget to pay attention to such basic things. The Heading table will make sure that you do not overlook this good housekeeping rule.



There are two things to look out for.



You have included some headings in your page



The headings include some of your major keywords or phrases.



If you are not familiar with creating headings do not worry. It is really easy.



Creating Headings in Designer



Open the page you wish to edit in Designer by highlighting it on the list on the left of the Web pages Tab.



Highlight some text by clicking at the start of the text you wish to make into a headline or subheading, keep your finger on the mouse button, drag the mouse pointer to the end of the text you wish to make into a headline or subhead and then release the mouse button.



The text should now be highlighted with a different color, e.g black.



Click on the style button in the top left of the Designer window.



Select the style you wish to apply to the highlighted text. Heading 1 is the largest and Heading 6 is the smallest.

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