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The Graphics section of the Design Wizards part of XSitePro lets you choose from a wide range of common graphics and have your selection inserted at the point on your page where you have the cursor positioned.


For example if you wanted to insert a money back guarantee symbol into your document you would:



Position your cursor where you want the graphic to appear.




Right click with your mouse and select




Design Wizards >> Graphics >> Guarantee Logo






The Image Library loads with the folder containing all the available Guarantee Logos open, ready for selection from the preview window, right of the screen.






Choose the guarantee graphic that you would like from the preview window on the right side of the Image Library.




Enter any alt text that you require (i.e. text that is displayed if people do not have images turned on in their browser) and click the 'Insert' button.





That's it!


The other Graphic Design Wizards work in a similar way and all of them are self-explanatory.



Note: Some of the graphic insertion windows, such as PayPal and the Buy Now button windows, offer additional options enabling you specify such things as the page where the person will go to when they click the button and whether the new page will open in the current window or in a new window.



The PayPal settings are shown below by way of an example of these extra settings:



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