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If you've been using the Internet for any period of time you will undoubtedly have come across the Google search engine - It is one of the most popular Web sites in the world.


Google acquires the vast majority of it's revenues from the advertisements that appear on the right hand side of the search result pages under the label Sponsored Links.


Below is a typical Google search results page.




The advertisements that appear in the right column, circled in red above, are known as Google AdWords. These advertisements are placed by Web site owners to help attract traffic to their site.



How does Google AdWords work?


Google AdWords works on a pay-per-click basis. The advertiser agrees to pay Google an amount of money every time someone clicks on the link in their advertisement.


For example, in the screenshot above might have agreed to pay Google $1 each time someone performs a search containing the words "Holidays in Spain", sees their ad, and clicks on it. are happy to do this because they've worked out that for every 100 people who click on the ad they sell a vacation worth $1000 to them so the $100 cost of advertising (i.e. 100 x $1 per click) is more than covered by the income.


In essence this is how it works. In reality it is a lot more complex than that, but the above will give you a good idea as to what those Google ads are about and why people are willing to pay, often considerable sums, for them.



Where do you fit in?


This is where things get really exciting. Google will let any approved Web site owner put Google ads on their site, i.e. Google will pay you to have advertising on your site.


Google have called this feature Google AdSense. This is how it works. You put some code on a page on your Web site. This code will cause some Google ads to appear on your site every time someone loads that page. If a visitor clicks on one of those ads Google will pay you a percentage of the money they earn from the advertiser. Google are a little coy about exactly what the percentage is, but it is usually significant enough to make it worth your while.


The advertisements that appear on your site will always relate to the subject matter of your site. If your site is about football then the advertisements that appear will also be about football. This makes good sense as these are the ads that people visiting your site are most likely to click on. This highly targeted nature is what has made Google AdWords and Google AdSense such a huge success.



Where does XSitePro fit in?


XSitePro makes it simplicity itself to add the correct code into any of your sites with just a couple of mouse clicks. In addition it will allow you to pick the size of advertisement you want to run and even change the default color scheme. Just follow the step by step instructions under How to Use XSitePro for Google AdSense.

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