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Global Preferences can be accessed via the Other tab or you can click on the settings menu in the main toolbar at the top of the application window.





The Global Preferences options (the upper part of the settings list, highlighted above) will take you, when clicked, to the Global Preferences window at the relevant tab.



The Global Preferences window lets you customize a whole range of settings that determine how XSitePro works - from Spell Checking to Backups, Scheduling to Reports.


The settings that you make in the global preferences are application wide. That means that they govern the whole application - all of your projects and Web sites will be affected.



The Global Preferences window is split into six tabs.


Spell Checker Settings – Determining the spelling dictionary to use when checking your pages' spelling.



Page Analysis Settings - The Page Analysis tool uses a range of preset criteria for assessing your page content, and against which recommendations are made. These criteria can be adjusted from this screen.



Backup Settings - Choose whether to remind about backups (and frequency therein) and also the path to your backup data.



Scheduler - Adjust the Schedule program start-up option form this screen.



Publishing Notification - Choose whether or not to audibly notify on completion of the publishing task. If you wish to be notified you can even set your preferred sound here.



Reports - If you would like to produce reports branded with your own logo (for example, if you are producing reports about a client's site) you can specify graphics in this screen to be used in the reports section of XSitePro.



The sections that follow contain detailed instructions on each of these settings.

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