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In order to use Oxado advertising within your XSitePro Web sites you first need to generate the advertising code, from within your Oxado account.


The guide below is a step-by-step overview of this process.



1. Browse to the Oxado Homepage.



2. Click the 'Affiliate Login' button on the right side of the homepage:





3. You will be prompted for an username and password. You set these when you created you Oxado account up. Log-in using your username and password to continue.



4. From the Admin settings screen that now appears, look down the list of headings for the text: "Earn Money by Displaying Oxado Banners on Your Site".



5. Below this heading, you will see a link: 'Add a new site'. Click this lick.



6. Enter the web address of the site that you will be placing Oxado adverts on in the first instance. Enter the URL in the format: (where '' is the domain name for your own Web site). Click 'Ok' to continue.



7. From the (long) list of statements and categories that appears, check all of those that apply to your site. Then click 'Ok' to continue.



8. You will now see a confirmation that your site has been submitted for approval. This process is necessary in order for you to be able to obtain advertising code and can take up to ten days to complete.


Note: You can still continue to generate the Advert code following the remaining steps below, but until your account is approved your adverts will not be switched 'live' on your published site.



9. On the same confirmation page, click the 'Add a Banner' link.



10. In the screen that appears, select your site from the list of those available (if indeed there are more than one).



11. From the 'banner format' drop-down the format of advert you would like to use in this advert. This is very important to get right, since once you have created this advertisement you cannot modify it from within XSitePro.



12. Make a note of the dimensions/format of the banner you have selected - you will need to enter this into XSitePro when adding this Oxado advert to your list of available adverts.



13. Click 'OK' to continue.



14. The screen that follows confirms that the banner has been created. Beneath the confirmation message is a link to 'Get banner HTML code'. Click this link.



15. From the page that appears, copy the script code displayed near the top of the page. It will resemble the following text:


<SCRIPT TYPE="text/javascript" LANGUAGE="Javascript" SRC=""></SCRIPT>



This script text, above, is what you will need to enter into XSitePro when adding new advertisements - covered in the following section.

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