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This is a very powerful script that has a multitude of uses. One use that it is regularly put to, is to create time limited offers for potential purchasers. It allows you to create offers based on a specific future date and have the ability to create that date whenever a new visitor comes to your site.


For example you might set it up so that if people buy within the next two days they get a second product for free. This script would read the current date, add two days to the date and display that on the screen. So if today's date was the 1st June the wording on your site might say "Buy before the 3rd June and get an additional widget for free".


Now here is the really clever bit. The script can remember the date between visits so the next time that person visits your site the date will still be displayed as 3rd June. It will not be the current date plus two days. This means that your offers really can be genuine.


Many Internet marketers use this technique to add urgency to the offer. They use phrases such as:


Buy before midnight on the 14th May to qualify for the 25% discount

Buy within the next 48 hours and we will give you X, Y and Z free

You have 2 days to place your order and then this offer will no longer be available to you


All of the above are easy to do using the Future Date script.



An example of a future-date script being used to profitable effect:







Selecting this script from the list of scripts (how), and clicking the button_widget_wizard_edit_settings button loads the following screen:





There are six settings we can adjust in this screen, before inserting our future date script.


Number of Days - This is the number of days into the future that you want the date to be.


For example, if today's date is the 10th October and you enter 7 in this box the date that will appear with be the 17th October, i.e. the date displayed will be:


‘The date the person first visits that page’ plus ‘the number of days you set (7, in the example above)’.



Remember the date between visits - If you put a check in this checkbox a cookie will be written to the visitor’s computer so that the next time they visit your site the script will know that they have been before, and so will display the correct date (i.e. the exact same date as it displayed the last time they came regardless of how many days have gone by since).


If you leave this box unchecked the date displayed will be recalculated each time they visit the page, i.e. the date will always be today's date plus the number of days in the Number of Days to Add box.



Font - Choose the font that you would like to be used when displaying the date by clicking on the drop-down and then selecting the desired font.



Font Size - Choose the size of font that you would like the date displayed in, by clicking on the drop-down font size selector and then by selecting the desired size from the list of options. You can chose anything from 6pt to 72pt.



Font Color - Select the font color by clicking on the browse button to the right of the text box.



Format - The Today Script lets you choose from twenty-four different date formats. Click on the drop down and select the one best suited to your needs from the list. The selection includes the following formatting options:





When you have finished setting up all of the options, above, click the button_image_gallery_insert button and your future date script will be inserted into your Web page at the cursor-point.

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