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The Folder Settings Tab is the fourth tab on the Web site Settings window. It can be accessed by clicking on the Web site Settings button on the Other tab, or by the Settings menu.





The Folder Settings tab lets you choose your own names for folders in which specific files are published, e.g. images, audio, video, and scripts.


This gives you a great deal of flexibility on where each of the files that make up your Web site is published to.


The defaults are:


Image Folder – images


Audio Folder – audio


Video Folder – video


Scripts Folder – script


RSS Folder – rss



If you decide to make changes to the folder names after you have published your site it is wise to run Web site Clean Up Wizard (you’ll find it on the Other tab) after republishing the site to clean up any redundant folders and files that exist.



Why would I want to rename the default folders?


Some webmasters see a benefit to inserting appropriate keywords in folder and filenames. They feel this can give the site an extra boost in search engine rankings. As long as you are not abusing file naming conventions by 'over-stuffing' file and folder names with your chosen keyword then this can be something worth considering.


For example, if you had a site specializing in stamp collecting and you renamed your images folder:


If you used this filename you could be accused of 'over-stuffing'. That’s not to say this technique is not used regularly by some webmasters, but it could be frowned upon by many search engines and possibly even penalized.


The golden rule should always be to create a site for your users first and the search engines second. If it looks right for users then it is highly unlikely that any of the search engines (including Google) will ever penalize you.


So, for the site specializing in stamp collecting it would be perfectly acceptable to have an images folder named:

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