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As described in the earlier section entitled "What is Readability" the Flesch Kincaid scoring system for assessing readability is a tried and tested methodology and is employed by a number of leading applications (including XSitePro, of course!).



To recap, the two scores shown in this section (and plotted on the graph above) are:


Reading Ease - A score 0-100 that denotes readability, where 0 is easy and 100 is difficult. The interpretations are banded loosely as shown in the list below:


90-100 score - The text is easily understandable by an average 11 year-old student.


60-70 score - The text can be easily understood by an average 13-15 year-old student.


0-30 score - The text can be easily understood by college graduates.



Grade Level - A score 0-12 representative of the US Grade Level equivalent for the readability score, above. Makes interpreting the above score a little easier.



The graph at the top of the data in this section of the screen plots both scores for you. As you get used to using the Page Analysis tool, you will quickly get a feel for where your particular pages need to be in the graph. As a general rule you will find most sites' pages falling somewhere in the upper-right quarter of the graph.





The graph has a small button labeled 'Enlarge' just above it. Clicking this button will load a new window with an enlarged view of the graph data in it.


In assessing your page, using this graph, it is generally advised to ensure your page scoring doesn't sit too far 'up and right', since this is a clear indication that you're going to be alienating your visitors with an overly complex message.

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