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There are two find and replace functions built-in to XSitePro. One is on a page level and the other is global.


The page level Find and Replace feature is detailed in the Designer section.


The global 'Find and Replace on All Pages...' option is found on the Tools menu bar.





When you select 'Find and Replace on All Pages...' you will be presented with a window like the one below.





In the 'Find What' text box enter the word or phrase you are looking for and, in the 'Replace With' box, enter what you would like to replace it with.


If you leave the Replace With box blank XSitePro will find each occurrence of the word and phrase and delete it, i.e. replace it with nothing.


If you put a check in the Match Case checkbox box the search will be for exact matches only. For example a search for "Fred" would not find "fred".



The global Find & Replace feature searches each and every page of your Web site in turn. After finishing one page it will continue to the next one automatically until has worked its way through every page on your site. If you want to stop the process at any time simply click on the Close button.


The Find and Replace tool searches through the HTML code rather than the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) Designer view. This means that you can differentiate between styles and search and replace occurrences of specific HTML code, as well as plain text.

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