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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are a great way of dealing with visitors’ questions and possible objections to purchasing your product or service. One of the issues when including an FAQ on your site is how best to lay out what can often be a substantial amount of information, and that’s where this very useful script comes in.


Using this script you can create lists of questions, with the answers indented below each question. What’s more, these indented answers can be “collapsed” so that at any time only one answer is visible to the reader. This makes the text a lot neater, and easier to read.







Selecting this script from the list of scripts, and clicking the button_widget_wizard_edit_settings button loads the following screen:





When you first load this screen there will of course be no questions listed. So, the first thing we need to do is create our questions and answers. To do this, we click the button_faq_add button. This will load a separate window:





There are several pieces of information we need to set in this screen:


Question Text font – The font to be used to display the question within the list.



Question Text font size – The size of the font to be used for the question text.



Question Text font color – The color of the font to be used for the question text. You could use colors to group specific question types, or to identify critical questions perhaps.



Question Text font style – Add emphasis to your questions within the list by applying Bold, Italic and Underline styles to the question text using these controls.



Question Text – The actual wording for the question itself. Suitable questions might include:


What refund period do you offer?

What are the delivery terms?

Do you deliver internationally?

Who operates this Web site?

What happens to my personal information?

Where are your offices?


And so on.



Answer Text font – The font in which the answer text will be displayed, below the question.



Answer Text font size – The size of the font to be used for the answer text.



Answer Text font color – The color of the font to be used for the answer text.



Answer Text font style - Make the answer text bold, italic or underlined with these controls.



Answer Text – The actual wording for the answer itself. This can be as much text as you like, but you should really aiming to enter no more than one regular-sized paragraph. Any more than this will make the FAQ cumbersome and harder to use.


Tip: Using a blue font-color for your FAQ question text will give an indication to visitors that this question text has an ‘action’ i.e. you can click the text, and something will happen. This leverages peoples’ familiarity with the classic blue-underscored text hyperlink.



Once you have entered the details above, click the button_faq_save button to save this question-and-answer set, and return to the FAQ list screen. You can now repeat the process above for each of the questions you wish to include in your FAQ.



Editing / Deleting entries in the FAQ list


To edit or delete entries in the list of questions, simply highlight the entry in the list (by clicking once on the question, in the list) and then by clicking the button_faq_edit button or the button_faq_delete button respectively.



Moving FAQ entries up / down the list


To move an entry up or down the list of FAQs, simply highlight the applicable entry in the list (by clicking once on the question, in the list) then by clicking the button_faq_up button or the button_faq_down buttons appropriately. This will move the question higher or lower in the list, and this list order will be the order in which the visitor sees your FAQ list on the published Web page.


Because of this, it would make sense to ensure that any questions you find yourself answering regularly be right at the top of the list (i.e. these are the questions that your visitors are most likely to want answers to, so give these answers to them right away).



When you are finished entering all of your questions and answers, and organizing them within the list, simply click the button_image_gallery_insert button to insert the script into your Web page at the cursor-point.


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