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One of the options on the Add Other button that appears on the Web pages tab is to add an external link.





This feature lets you add a link to any of your navigation menus that links to a page outside of the Web site you are working on.



What would you use an External link for?


There are many reasons. Here are just a handful.


If you run many Web sites and want to provide direct links from your navigation menus to your other sites using the External links feature will let you do that. You will be able to have links in any of your navigation menus direct to your other sites.


A popular use of the External links feature is for ‘Buy Now’ links where you need to send someone to an external site to make the purchase, e.g. a shopping cart or payment system.


You can also add links to your navigation menus that take people off to third party sites that are directly related to your main site, such as your help desk, message board, auction listings, etc.


Another use of external links in your navigation menus is when you want to add a link to an affiliate product or service you are promoting.

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