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XSitePro allows you to create a Web site and then export it in its entirety in a folder structure that can then be loaded by most Web page editing packages such as FrontPage or Dreamweaver.


This can be useful if you have a colleague that doesn't have access to XSitePro and needs the files in a non-XSitePro format. It also means that when you use XSitePro you are never tied down to the one piece of software as you can quickly move anything you create from XSitePro into any other appropriate software.


Unfortunately, FrontPage and Dreamweaver do not have the ability to be able to export and import in a single file in the same way that XSitePro can. To get round this XSitePro will put all the necessary files in a folder of your choosing. It is then an easy enough process to load FrontPage or Dreamweaver and import this.




Make sure that you have the Web site you want to export loaded and that you are in the Site Design section of XSitePro.



Click on Tools from the menu bar and select Export to FrontPage/Dreamweaver.





A window will Pop-up that lets you select in which folder you want to store the data. Select the folder you want to use and click OK.



Your XSitePro Web site will then be converted into the appropriate files and stored in your chosen folder.

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