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Spam is a problem of epidemic proportions in today’s online world. One of the most common causes of spam to your inbox is from e-mail addresses openly displayed online, on Web pages and sites.


Thousands upon thousands of unscrupulous spam programs trawl the Internet daily, looking for e-mail addresses that can be harvested and added to huge spam e-mail lists, so it’s generally a bad idea to leave your e-mail address out there for all to see and use.


This handy script ‘cloaks’ your e-mail address so that these automated harvester applications cannot grab your address from your page source code, yet still presents a clickable link on your page when viewed by a genuine visitor.


The illustration below shows the source (no legible e-mail address) along with the address as it appears on the page (perfectly readable, and clickable, to a human reader).





Let’s look at how we set up this script on our page:





Selecting this script from the list of scripts (how), and clicking the button_widget_wizard_edit_settings button loads the following screen:





As you can see from the screen above, there’s very little information that we need to enter:


E-Mail address – Enter your e-mail address in the box provided.



Once you have entered the address above, simply click the button_image_gallery_insert button to insert the script into your Web page at the cursor-point.

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