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Success pages are great pieces of real estate on your site, and should be much, much more than a simple ‘confirmation’ message to the purchaser. Remember, this visitor has now ‘qualified’ themselves in a number of key areas:



They trust your site


They like your product


They are prepared to spend money online


They are prepared to spend money on your site


They may fit your product’s ‘customer profile’



And there may be more deductions you can make about this person, too, based on the product you are selling. It may follow that they would make ideal targets for additional, related products, for example.


This information is like gold-dust, and shouldn’t be squandered – but it mustn’t be abused either. Nothing will send your customers running for the hills faster than a deluge of sales and marketing promotional solicitation immediately after a sale. Remember, there is a lifetime value to this customer and, if nurtured, your relationship with them can be profitable.


Bearing this in mind, you may consider using the real-estate on your success-page to up-sell other products (so long as they are relevant), to ask if they would like any training or support to accompany their purchase, or perhaps to offer them an unexpected bonus as a ‘thank-you’ for purchasing.


On the latter suggestion above, why not create (or purchase rights to) a digital information product that fits the product(s) you’re selling. This way, when someone purchases and is gifted this ‘bonus’ they will naturally feel well disposed to your site, and are more likely therefore to return. And if it’s a digital product you’re giving away, the marginal cost of doing so is what?


You’ve guessed it – pretty much zero!


Not a bad investment, right?

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