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Siloing a site is an involved process and one that shouldn’t be rushed through.


The first time you silo a site using XSitePro it will take some trial and error to get all of the settings just right, but once you’ve mastered it you’ll be able to silo your sites in just a few minutes.


After following the steps above make sure to preview your site to make sure that it looks how you expect it to look. Check that the menus that are appearing on the siloed pages are how you want them to appear and that pages are being published to the folders according to how you have set it up.


For example, if you specified on Step 4: Options that you wanted to have the folders named after the link text you’ll be able to see it in the url when you preview or publish.


When previewing, you will see the directories created as per your silo settings:





Similarly, when published, this directory structure will be retained:



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