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If when previewing your site you find that there are no links to your site map appearing anywhere on your Web pages, then we can perform a simple check to make sure our site map settings are alright.



To check your site map menu settings, go to the Web pages tab, and select your site map from the list of Web pages on the left side of the screen.


Note: The site map name will be exactly as you specified in the site map settings (the site map name is ‘Site Map’ by default). The icon next to the site map page name is slightly different to normal Web pages (just to help you pick it out in the list of pages).






With your site map selected in the page list, click the Page Settings tab to view the list of menus upon which your site map is set to currently display.


The list of options will resemble the image below:





Note: If any of the menu display options are ‘disabled’ (i.e. the text for that option is ‘grayed-out’ and clicking the respective checkbox has no effect) this will be because you have not enabled this navigation menu option. To activate additional menus you need to review the Page Layout tab settings.




It is likely, if you at least have a left panel navigation menu enabled, that you will see one or more checked boxes in the list of options. This is where your site map link is currently set to appear.


To set additional menu listings for your site map, use the check-boxes to enable a link to the site map on the respective menu.


So, for example, if you have enabled an info-bar in your page layout (and included links on the info bar) then you may put a check in the ‘Show on Info Bar’ checkbox. When you next preview your site you should now see a link to your site map on the info bar.





Removing links to your site map


The process for removing links (on your navigation menus) to the site map is almost identical – only this time you need to uncheck the check-boxes corresponding to the menu from which you would like to remove your site map link.


In the example above, unchecking the ‘Show on Info Bar’ checkbox would have the effect of removing the link to the site map on the Info bar navigation menu.

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