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These settings decide how the content of each of the feed items is going to be displayed.





Show Full Description – If you select this option the full description for each feed item will displayed on your Web page. The size of this description can vary greatly from one feed to another so it’s worth experimenting to see how sizeable the full descriptions are.



Hide Descriptions – This option will hide the description completely so that all the Web site visitor sees is the item header.



Limit Descriptions to – This option will limit the size of the descriptions to a set number of characters. This can be an useful compromise between showing the full description and hiding it completely. You can choose exactly how much or how little you want to be displayed.


The illustration below shows a feed with its descriptions limited to 100 characters:





Allow HTML in descriptions – Some feeds will include extensive HTML code within the feed data itself. If you want to keep complete control of how the feeds are displayed you are best making sure that this checkbox is unchecked.



Font – Choose a font and size of font for how the feed description will be displayed on each of your feed items. You can also change the settings for bold, italics and underline.



Color – Choose the color for the description on each of your feed items.

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