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The Description Tab allows you to specify what text you want to be used as the meta description. The meta description is the description of the page that appears in the <head> section of a Web page, shown below:





This is particularly important as the text you specify will not only be used in the <Head> section of the Web page when it is published to the Internet, it will also become part of any automatically generated site maps. And it will also be used for any descriptive text on the parent pages of sub-pages.


The below image shows the description tab, in the Import Pages window:





There are five different options to choose from.


Use the first 200 characters of the page if no description exists – If the page being imported does not already include a description in the meta tags of the page then this option will use the first 200 characters of the body on the page as the description. This can be a quick and easy way of adding a relevant meta description to a page that is being imported that doesn't currently have one. If the page being imported already has a meta description then this will be used in preference to the first 200 characters.



Always use the first 200 characters of page text – Selecting this option will use the first 200 characters of the body section of the page being imported even if the page already has a meta description. This can often be an attractive option particularly if you are importing a batch of articles as it gives each one a meta description that is along the same lines as all of the other pages being imported.



Leave the description blank – Select this option if you want to leave the meta description blank.



Use alternative description, to the right, if no description exists – This option lets you enter a description into the box to the right side of the Description Tab and to use that one for the page that is about to be imported if it doesn't already have it's own meta description.



Use alternative description for all pages – This option will replace any existing meta descriptions with the description you type in the box to the right hand side of the Description Tab. It will, of course, mean that all the imported pages will have exactly the same description which is not usually ideal, but it is better than having no description at all. You can edit any descriptions manually on the Page Settings tab after the import process has been completed.



You can choose from the options available simply by clicking on the relevant option text.



Alternative Description Text – Enter the alternative description text (if required by your choice of option, above) into the text-box provided.

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